Cryptocurrency analyst Miles Deutscher recently shared his weekly token and trend tracking list.

Deutscher expects major announcements for SOL at the Breakpoint 2023 conference, the first major Solana conference since the FTX crash. Despite previous “sell the news” incidents, he predicts a positive response from the community.

The analyst also noted a revival in AI trends with AGIX, FET and OCEAN ahead of a month full of AI conferences. He said he preferred to focus on these leaders rather than speculating on low-cap tokens with uncertain futures.

ARKM is another token on Deutscher’s radar due to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s involvement as an investor and its connection to the upcoming artificial intelligence conference.

RNDR, which is considered an artificial intelligence-related altcoin by some analysts, has experienced aggressive fluctuations in recent days, according to Deutscher. Deutscher thinks this situation may continue, but warns against a possible “sell the news” event if price movements weaken.

Although interest in DOGE has waned recently, Deutscher believes it could deliver a solid performance if retail investor interest increases, especially with DOGE day approaching and the potential for Elon Musk’s Halloween tweet.

According to the analyst, Ripple’s ‘Swell Conference’ on November 8-9 brings XRP to the forefront. Although speculation about a potential IPO is likely false, Deutscher believes the speculative nature of crypto could lead to FOMO-driven rallies.

Finally, AR caught Deutscher’s attention after recording the highest number of transactions in its history and showing steady growth. According to the analyst, AR may be positively affected by Solana conferences.

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