Pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan shares positive news with the XRP community regarding XRP Healthcare, the first pharma and healthcare platform on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). In a historic move following Ripple Labs, XRP Healthcare announces expansion into the thriving healthcare markets of Dubai and the Middle East.

XRP Healthcare Embraces Crypto and Blockchain

According to a press release, XRPL-based XRP Healthcare announces expansion into Dubai and the Middle East markets. It follows the footsteps of technology company Ripple Labs, with XRP as the native asset.

Kain Roomes, founder of XRP Healthcare, said:

“This move represents a significant leap in our journey, one that combines healthcare innovation with the transformative power of blockchain technology. Dubai and the Middle East offer a uniquely fertile ground for our endeavours.”

XRP Healthcare follows the blockchain and crypto regulation approach of the Middle East. The strategic expansion will benefit harness the untapped potential XRP Ledger in healthcare, legislation, investment, and new partnerships. This will also benefit consumers and token holders.

Dubai‘s progressive regulatory framework allows crypto and blockchain space to grow and innovate. The expansion into Dubai and the Middle East demonstrates a firm commitment to fostering a more promising future for healthcare through the implementation of mergers, acquisitions, and blockchain innovation.

Several projects are embracing XRPL for faster and cheaper transactions. Xumm wallet teams up with Uphold to offer a zero percent transaction fee for Topper transactions. Moreover, Ripple has partnered with Uphold to boos cross-border payments.

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