• Polygon community members remain enthusiastic as Polygon’s founder shared details of Polygon CDK.
  • The Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) offers groundbreaking benefits and perks for Polygon developers.

The Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) is a significant framework for network developers and has already begun to provide significant value to Polygon users.

More recently, Sandeep Nailwal, the founder of Polygon revealed that the advanced open-source framework will provide network developers with extremely powerful tools to carry out network operations.

In an announcement shared to X, formerly Twitter, the Polygon boss revealed that the CDK is a software suite designed to help developers launch their own fully-featured ZK-powered L2s.

The Polygon CDK framework CDK is a highly modular and fully open-source framework. By design, it allows for the seamless deployment of custom ZK-powered Polygon CDK chain deployment. Leading Web3
projects building with Polygon CDK will have the option to tailor their chains based on their use case-specific requirements.

In the official announcement post, Nailwal lays down some of the benefits of Lolygon CDK. Excerpts of his post read;

Polygon CDK is the evolution of Supernets. Now builders can easily customise and deploy their own appchains, with added features from Polygon’s ZK technology. This lets builders safely settle to Ethereum and seamlessly interoperate with other ZK-powered L2s.

I’m thrilled to announce our Chain Development Kit (CDK) – a software suite that empowers builders to launch their own fully-featured ZK-powered L2s.

Polygon CDK is the evolution of Supernets. Now builders can easily customise and deploy their own appchains, with added features… pic.twitter.com/bxphLzZCIc

— Sandeep Nailwal | sandeep. polygon 💜 (@sandeepnailwal) August 29, 2023

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CDK offers Infinite scalability and unified liquidity

Using Polygon CDK as a major access point, developers can tap into the many benefits of the Polygon 2.0 network. Two of the main advantages of Polygon CDK as shared in the announcement, include infinite scalability and unified liquidity.

The open-source framework makes it easy for any user to settle anyone to Ethereum. As such, Blockspace is no longer a scarce resource. This not only highlights the relevance of Infinite scalability but also affirms that the blockchain market is already in the age of permissionless innovation

On the other hand, CDK provides unified liquidity by making it possible for any interconnected L2s to gain automatic access to the liquidity of all Polygon 2.0 chains. With one-click, users of the network can access the entire liquidity of Ethereum.

At present, more and more Layer 2 networks are being built on the CDK. They range from the Polygon zkEVM (live in production) to Immutable and CapX (both in live testnet) and a handful of others still in development.

“Polygon CDK brings you all of the ingredients you need to build innovative L2s – the sequencer, data availability layer, VM, and Prover. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s our most powerful suite of open-source technology yet.” Nailwal further asserted.

Conclusively, Nailwal advises network developers to go through the documentation and code provided on Polygon’s CDK, as he noted that GitHub repo and hacking is still very much in motion.

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