Astar Network is extremely excited to come with their official declaration that they have teamed up with Dew before the release of their Astar zkEVM. This association will help build a robust space for the benefit of creators on Astar zkEVM.

Polygon has been unable to make its mark in the NFT arena via associations with prime companies, yet it has witnessed a sudden increase in trade volumes. Sales have seen an upward trend between November 2022 and April 2023 to the tune of 5,000%.

While there was an upward surge in growth, Dew became the entry point for Polygon NFTs and became a top collector keeping track of all NFTs within the Polygon ecosystem. Dew provides traders with the option of carrying out trading of all Polygon NFTs via a sole interface, doing away with the necessity of shifting amongst various platforms.

Dew is not keen on big PFP collections, but its sights are on serving international businesses with the option of utilizing Web3 to further their engagement with users. Dew, teaming up with Astar Network, aims to be a prime source of connectivity with NFTs on the zkEVM and initiate businesses in Japan to enter Web3.

As per Kang, a part of the team at Dew, their goal is to make their presence felt in the markets of Japan, along with Astar Network, which already has made its mark in Japan, and create further partnerships with prime companies.

Dew differs from the competition due to its creative, rewarding structure that motivates users depending on their trading methods and onboarding more traders. They also have a name service offering individual domain functions to loyal users.

As long as the association remains active, Dew will provide added backing to Astar zkEVM for delivering their latest upgrading solution and making it possible to carry out uninterrupted trading practices.

According to the Head of the Astar Foundation, Maarten Hensken, NFTs are a prime method of entering the Web3 space, particularly in the case of Japan. This country comes with a robust collector way of life.

Astar zkEVM was positioned live on the 23rd of October, 2023, and is known as zKatana. Dew is a top NDT collector on Polygon and was introduced in March and built by X2Y2.

In the case of Astar, it helps bring projects throughout the verticals of businesses, as well as entertainment and gaming, to Japan and other countries. The company encourages the acceptance of Web3 in the case of the masses via an ecosystem boosted by POlkadot and Polygon in the form of a top-notch blockchain operating in the Japanese market.

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