The Cardano Midnight protocol has begun as the first group of midnight pioneers for the devnet has been chosen.

In a tweet, Input Output Global announced it had selected the first batch of intakes for the Midnight DevNet.

Midnight is a>

1/6 It’s official – we’ve selected the first group of Midnight Pioneers for the devnet.

Congratulations to you all and big thanks to everyone who registered interest. It’s great to have your support.

— Midnight (@MidnightNtwrk) November 1, 2023

First announced during IO ScotFest at Edinburgh in 2022, Midnight is the result of over four years of fundamental research and applied development.

Unlike other side chains, Midnight will have its token DUST, and the initial DevNet will include up to 100 development teams. Applications were opened for this in October.

At October’s start, Midnight, the new data protection blockchain from Input Output Global, launched in a sandbox devnet.

In a blog post published on Oct. 5, a call was made to dApp developers who will be able to experiment with the network, build applications involving data protection, shielded swaps and smart contracts, provide feedback, and suggest improvements.

After receiving applications, IOG has made progress with its selection of the first batch of intakes.

As stated in the tweet, more Midnight Pioneers in small groups will be onboarded over the first few weeks. Midnight, however, remains in a development phase, with several features still being explored.

Midnight posits several possibilities, as its data protection can enable tokenized assets to remain private. Identity verification remains another key use case.

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