Key takeaways

  • Tangem is launching an innovative products at the Cardano Summit 2023,
  • Tangem Ring is the world’s first jewelry crypto wallet.
  • Attendees of the summit will have a chance to get a free Tangem Ring at a special workshop.

Tangem, an innovative pioneer in digital asset management, is set to make waves at the Cardano Summit 2023 by introducing its latest creation, the Tangem Ring hardware wallet. Combining sleek design with top-notch security features, the Tangem Ring is poised to revolutionize how individuals perceive and manage their digital assets.

Tangem Wallet Review

The Cardano Summit, which will take place from November 2nd through the 4th in 2023, is widely regarded as one of the most significant blockchain-related gatherings that will take place during this year. Cardano enthusiasts all around the globe will get direct access to exclusive one-on-one interviews, insights, and vox pops on the most recent goings-on in the Cardano community, thanks to the new show called Cardano Spot.

Kaspa Joins Forces with Tangem for a Limited Edition Hardware Wallet

The event will establish a space for conversation that is both more accessible to all participants and inviting to all participants, with a focus on technology, innovation, and community engagement.

Fashion Meets Functionality

Attendees at the Cardano Summit will have an exclusive first look at the Tangem Ring, a cutting-edge prototype representing the world’s inaugural jewelry crypto wallet. This stylish hardware wallet aims to bridge the gap between crypto ownership and fashion, offering users a secure and elegant means of managing their digital assets.

During the event, Tangem will conduct an immersive workshop, delving into the intricate details and features of the Tangem Ring. Workshop participants will be privileged to receive complimentary Tangem Rings and wallets, allowing them to explore and experience the device’s functionalities firsthand before its public release.

Pioneering Direct VISA Network Payments

In addition to the Tangem Ring, Tangem will also share details about Tangem Pay, the world’s first hardware wallet that will be certified for direct VISA network payments. Despite being still in development, there is some solid evidence it’ll be a groundbreaking project. It will enable users to use their Tangem Pay cards at over 95 million VISA terminals worldwide, seamlessly integrating the security of self-custodial cold storage with the convenience of traditional payment networks.

“We’re excited to invite everyone to join us on this journey as we begin to reshape how people interact with digital assets and secure their funds with our VISA project.”
—Andrey Kurennykh, the CEO of Tangem

Introducing the Tangem Ring is poised to bridge the gap between style and functionality in cold storage. This innovation is expected to resonate with a broader audience and accelerate the adoption of digital assets.

Wrapping up

The unveiling of the Tangem Ring hardware wallet at Cardano Summit 2023 signals a remarkable fusion of fashion and crypto, symbolizing a new era in digital asset management. With its unique design and cutting-edge features, Tangem Ring sets the stage for stylish, secure, and straightforward cryptocurrency ownership. Cardano Summit attendees will have the exclusive privilege of being among the first to experience this jewelry crypto wallet, setting them apart as the initial holders of a revolutionary cold storage device. Moreover, the workshop will provide insights into Tangem Pay, a hardware wallet certified for direct payments on the VISA network, offering a remarkable solution for combining crypto savings with fiat payments.

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