Viction, formerly TomoChain, has altered its name and vision, transforming the blockchain platform. After five years in the ever-changing blockchain market, Viction is renamed. This initiative underlines the organization’s dedication to humanity and Web3.

Viction Rebrands to Focus on Human Potential and Technology

To address blockchain network scalability and security, TomoChain created a corporation in 2017. The platform has done much and gained community support. However, researchers found widespread adoption more difficult than planned. This made them realize their project was missing something crucial.

Even if there are several infrastructure options to service billions of people, many individuals don’t comprehend why they should use Web3. Introspection made TomoChain reevaluate its mission and strategy.

Viction is an innovative start that underscores human potential and technological advancement. A new name, image, stock symbol, vision, mission, and core values are part of rebranding. The platform will move to in 6–12 months.

The name “Viction” combines “Vision” and “Victory,” representing the platform’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology to improve lives. The logo represents the company’s name, mission, and history. Viction’s Layer 1 blockchain technology is stable and fundamental. The logo’s curves symbolize endless possibilities and a broad vision.

Viction’s logo’s muted color palette and simplistic design enable authentic visual depictions of people and their aims. This platform’s elegant design furthers its goal of helping people and businesses.

Viction’s Logo Represents Limitless Possibilities in Blockchain

Viction serves more than one group. The platform fosters diversity and inclusion by connecting businesses, investors, developers, and the public. Viction starts by working with companies and people who wish to commercialize their ideas. Viction is an open-source platform that inspires and educates about its innovative technology. This method lets technical and non-technical people participate in Viction’s mission.

Viction wants to provide a platform with infinite possibilities to help people succeed. The brand’s new logo, vision, and aim emphasize how broadening perspectives and enabling great achievements may better the world.

Viction has strategic plans, but community cooperation will help it grow. Everyone can join Viction to discover new opportunities and succeed together. Viction will advance blockchain technology by promoting human values, inclusion, and diversity. Viction encourages everyone to improve blockchain technology, emphasizing the importance of achievement and creativity in building a better society.

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