Boba Guys, renowned for their bubble tea, joins forces with Hang to introduce a groundbreaking loyalty program, Boba Guys Passport. This innovative program offers customers an engaging and gamified experience, where points earned with each purchase unlock Mystery Boxes filled with exciting rewards, exclusive quests, status tiers, and much more.

The Boba Guys Passport program challenges the conventional loyalty scheme by presenting a dynamic and interactive approach. Instead of the typical “buy nine, get one free” model, customers accumulate points with each transaction, which can be used to unlock and upgrade Mystery Boxes.

These Mystery Boxes, akin to gaming loot boxes, contain an array of enticing rewards, including discounts, free drinks, gift cards, and even the chance to win a vacation. For every dollar spent at Boba Guys, customers earn 5 points toward their Mystery Box journey. Members can opt to open their boxes immediately or save points to level up their boxes for better rewards.

Embark on Quests and Elevate Your Status

Boba Guys Passport also incorporates exclusive Quests within its portal, granting members additional bonus points. These Quests span diverse activities, from sampling the entire seasonal menu to referring friends to the program or showcasing Boba Guys drinks on social media. With these Quests, customers can keep the experience fresh and full of surprises.

In addition to the Mystery Boxes, points help customers ascend through Passport’s status tiers. Each of the five tiers unlocks unique perks, such as secret menu access, specialty merchandise, and, at the pinnacle tier, an opportunity to connect with the Boba Guys’ founding team.

Pilot Success and Upcoming Launch

The pilot program, which launched at Boba Guys’ NOPA location, has experienced remarkable success since its debut on September 20, 2023. Key statistics from the pilot period include a 29% enrollment rate, with Passport program orders constituting 31% of total store orders within the first month.
Notably, loyalty program members are visiting more frequently and spending significantly more than non-members, with Passport members visiting 1,400% more often and spending 1,023% more each month.
The Passport program has also exhibited impressive customer retention rates, with over 60% of users revisiting the Passport portal after adding the progressive web app (PWA) to their home screen. Feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing that the program offers a unique and delightful experience.

The Boba Guys Passport program is slated to officially launch across all 26 Boba Guys locations on November 24, 2023, transforming Black Friday into Boba Friday. This innovative loyalty initiative harnesses the power of blockchain technology, showcasing the potential of collaboration between Boba Guys, Hang, and Solana in redefining customer experiences and loyalty in the retail landscape.

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