Hours after the BTC price approached $36,000, it fell below $35,000 again. So, what does this mean? The pullback that worries investors seems similar to previous upward movements. These types of declines are normal, but time will tell if there will be more losses. Can current data give us an idea of what will happen in the short term?

Has the Crypto Currency Rise Ended?

October ended with double-digit gains worthy of the Uptober story. November is historically a month that brings more gains on average, and investors are hopeful about November’s performance. But what about the recent decline? If you haven’t met crypto currencies in the past year, you must have seen similar movements during the bull season that started at the end of 2020. The price of BTC does not constantly rise without taking a breath and can experience pullbacks after resistance tests.

You can see the opposite in bear markets, where fake rises come after support tests. So what happens next? For the past two years, we have seen that the support area is broken after several tests and deeper bottoms are experienced, despite fake rises. Just like in the bull market, where resistance levels are broken and higher peaks are reached.

Despite today’s decline, a significant portion of investors are in a profitable position. 81% of both short-term and long-term investors are in profit. This is actually a risky situation because in case of declines caused by external factors or whale sales, more investors may resort to panic selling to protect their profits.

Has the Crypto Currency Bull Started?

It is possible to determine the beginning of bear and bull markets. Months later, someone comes out and tells you that yes, the bear market ended on this date. By that time, BTC has probably already made significant progress on its ATH journey. Current indicators show early signs that the bear market is coming to an end. Especially if we assume that the new bull season will be built on the “institutional demand” story, the situation is exactly this.

Despite the regulatory environment in the US, two major institutions, BlackRock and Invesco Galaxy ETF tickers, are currently listed on the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) website. Optimism about ETF approval is increasing, and the SEC is updating its regulations by consulting with institutions and requesting their applications as required.

In short, there is a need for a lot of evidence to say that the crypto currency rise is over and that the recent rallies are a big bull trap. Increased institutional demand, record volumes of BTC options, and the size of open positions may indicate that there is no need to panic unless BTC closes below the $33,500 support.

It would not be surprising for the price of BTC to move between $33,500 and $36,000 in November. Of course, no one can predict the future, and you should make your own decisions according to your risk profile.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors should be aware that crypto currencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and should conduct their transactions based on their own research.

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