Technology has proven that it can make almost anything better. Finance, socializing, gaming, everything can be improved through advanced technologies, and we all are here to benefit from it.

While some years ago, crypto was not even a thing, today, thousands of cryptocurrencies are traded on major exchanges, and blockchain does not stop here. It also allowed other types of applications to rely on its technology and benefit from the high levels of security, decentralization, and transparency it provides.

Among many other blockchain-based projects, SpaceCatch also has so much to offer that users cannot even imagine yet. With a dedicated team behind, ready to give anything it can to make the project succeed, SpaceCatch is in to surprise as many crypto and gaming enthusiasts as possible.

With amazing graphics, a game model like no other, and a token with promising characteristics, SpaceCatch has the potential to become one of the top cryptocurrency games ever developed.

The World of AI-Driven Aliens

The action of SpaceCatch takes place in a parallel universe that is not so different from ours. The SpaceCatch team also calls it the Metaverse. In that world, our planet has been invaded by AI-driven aliens. These creatures thought that the rest of the universe was not enough for them, so they decided to invade Earth, a planet that is believed to be the best place for mining biomass because of its lack of intelligent lifeforms.

SpaceCatch players have to protect Earth by winning battles against aliens. Their main goal is to prove to the AI-driven creatures that Earth is not the right place for them, so they have to leave.

In order to do so, users have to become Catchers, aliens’ main enemies. They have to make a selfie to be AI-teleported into the metaverse, where they will meet their invaders.

Afterward, players have to improve their technique and build advanced strategies in order to compete against aliens, creatures that are not so easy to catch. This is why players receive various rewards they can use to improve their abilities and build weapons, shields, hubs, shelters, and many more.

P2E and M2E Can Make Wonders

The features of SpaceCatch are truly impressive, and the fact that the game combines 2 models intrigues users even more. SpaceCatch allows users to experience M2E (Move-to-Earn) and P2E (Play-to-Earn) features, meaning that the opportunities to win are even more.

In the P2E mode, users have to participate in battles against aliens and win in order to pass as many levels as possible. This game mode allows users to improve their strategies, weapons, and shields and to find new techniques to restore peace on Earth. Each alien is different, so players have to shape their characters and strategies differently in each situation.

In the M2E mode, however, things are a little bit different. Users have to move as much as possible to win various rewards in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Each NFT can offer you additional powers, a new element for your weapons, or other things that can help you improve your characters.

It is possible that some SpaceCatch players don’t want to increase their physical activities to earn NFTs. This is why the developers thought of a place where users can trade or sell their NFTs so that each and every one of them has what they need to succeed.

Why Stop When You Can Add AR?

If you thought SpaceCatch was already intriguing, it’s time to be surprised again. The team has also integrated AR features into the gameplay, making the SpaceCatch universe even more intriguing.

Whenever you want to explore the SpaceCatch world, you can simply raise your phone and look around. You will notice that specific game elements will be smoothly integrated into real-life surroundings. This way, you might see AI-driven aliens right next to you, in a building, or in the middle of a park.

The AR feature introduced by SpaceCatch makes the game even more intriguing, welcoming users to an immersive experience where they can discover what it’s like to fight for their own planet, for the peace of all the people, and for the good to win again.

Learn More

SpaceCatch really is the game that can steal the hearts of many of us, and if you, too, are intrigued by what this game has to offer, you can check the company’s official website to find out more. Besides, you can follow SpaceCatch’s activity on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram, YouTube, Medium, and CoinMarketCap.

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