Coreum, an enterprise-grade Layer-1 blockchain, has shared a piece of exciting news that might concern XRP holders who own CORE tokens.

In a tweet, Coreum announced that the fourth and final Coreum airdrop distribution has started and is expected to be completed within two to three days.

The 4th and final $COREUM airdrop distribution has started!

✨ Expect completion within 2-3 days.

✨ Track the transactions in real-time ⤵️ #GreenMeansGo

— Coreum (@CoreumOfficial) November 1, 2023

On March 24, 2023, the Coreum project saw the launch of its mainnet and a strategic airdrop campaign. An airdrop of 100,000,000 CORE tokens was scheduled for CORE holders, alongside 50 million xCORE tokens (option tokens) for both SOLO and XRP holders.

The xCORE was distributed in one installment to XRP and/or SOLO holders, while the CORE airdrop distribution to the CORE holders was slated to take place in four equal installments with 60 days in between.

The initial 25% scheduled in the first round was completed in March. The remaining 75% of the airdrop tokens for COREUM holders were scheduled to be distributed in June 2023, August 2023 and November 2023, respectively.

Evernode to announce final steps for claiming XRP holder airdrops

Evernode provided a critical update on its forthcoming launch and airdrop. The XRP Ledger Layer-2 platform indicated in a recent tweet that it will shortly provide the final steps for claiming its XRP Holder and Betatester airdrops.

It goes on to say that it will not be able to disclose this until XUMM adds support for cloning XRPL accounts on Xahau. Evernode adds that there is no trustline and that no XRP will be burned or moved to claim these airdrops.

Xahau Network, an XRPL protocol sidechain, debuted earlier this week. Evernode stated that now that Xahau exists, Evernode may exist as well and that it plans to debut on Nov. 27. This date might be subject to a code audit.

To streamline its launch, Evernode has announced some changes to its beta-tester airdrop.

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