Sam Bankman-Fried, the former cryptocurrency exchange mogul, has signaled his intention to challenge the guilty verdict handed down for his role in the FTX collapse.

His lead defense attorney, Mark Cohen, expressed respect for the jury’s decision but underscored their disappointment and Bankman-Fried’s unwavering claim of innocence. This sets the stage for an anticipated legal battle as his defense team prepares to appeal the verdict.

Challenging the Verdict

In the aftermath of the jury finding Bankman-Fried guilty on multiple counts of fraud and conspiracy, his defense expressed their intention to mount a rigorous defense against the charges.

Despite acknowledging the jury’s judgment, Cohen’s post-trial comments clearly indicate that they believe the fight is far from over. Bankman-Fried, who has insisted on his non-guiltiness, is determined to overturn the court’s decision.

As he faces additional charges next March, including alleged conspiracies of foreign bribery and bank fraud, his defense appears poised to dissect the initial trial’s proceedings to seek grounds for appeal.

The strategy is likely to get deep into the prosecution’s arguments and the defense’s counterpoints, particularly focusing on the claim that Alameda Research “borrowed” funds from FTX customers rather than outright theft and that SBF did not act with the intent to harm anyone.

Furthermore, the defense will likely scrutinize the testimony and evidence that led to the conviction, searching for potential legal errors or procedural missteps that could tip the scales in an appeal.

The Ripple Effect

The prosecution’s narrative of Bankman-Fried’s knowing misuse of funds clashed with his account of events. This discrepancy, especially under the scrutiny of cross-examination, casts a shadow over his credibility—a factor that will undoubtedly play a central role in the appeal process. The reverberations of the guilty verdict have been felt across the crypto community, with legal analysts weighing in on the potential consequences.

Famous crypto lawyer John Deaton has predicted a severe outcome for Bankman-Fried if the appeal doesn’t sway the courts. Moreover, questions surrounding the involvement of SBF’s family, specifically his father, in the FTX downfall remain a topic of discussion and speculation.

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