Tellor reports double-digit gains in the past 24 hours, where it currently sits at $112.21.

At the same time, PeckShield shared the news of its account being hacked.

A fake airdrop

The hackers made two posts on X about the fake airdrop of Tellor’s native TRB tokens, urging users to claim free TRB tokens by following a phishing link. 

The initial post misleadingly stated, “The $TRB airdrop is live on an EVM chain near you…,” redirecting users to a counterfeit tellor[.]co website mimicking Tellor’s genuine URL. Subsequently, a follow-up post reaffirmed the false promise, asserting that “$75,000 claimed on…”.

PeckShield shared news of the Tellor X account being compromised as part of its regular real-time alerts, sharing the news in a post made on Nov. 3, with a screenshot showing that Aegis Web3 identified the website “” as a phishing platform, presenting the risk of users having their private keys stolen, among other risks.

Following a 150% price gain 

A few weeks earlier on Oct. 24, TRB made headlines after it gained more than 150% in price, making it a top gainer, yet again, while compared to other altcoins. Although less substantial, Nov. 3 price charts show a 10.15% increase, placing it in what would be the #2 spot on CoinMarketCap.

Tellor account compromised after price surge - 1
Tellor price today | Source: CoinMarketCap

The price rise has led to hackers taking a keen interest in compromising the social media account for Tellor.

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