Singapore-based Web3 data firm Treehouse acquired NFT analytics platform Origins to expand its NFT product offering.

Treehouse announced today the intellectual property acquisition of Origins Analytics, which offers NFT-related data analysis using both on-chain and off-chain data.

As part of the acquisition, the founding team of Origins, which raised $4 million last year, will join Treehouse to offer services including an algorithmically tagged NFT wallet notification system, NFT analytics bots and NFT wallet profiling API.

Treehouse did not disclose the size of the acquisition deal.

In 2021, Treehouse raised $18 million in a seed round from investors including Lightspeed, MassMutual, Binance, Mirana, LeadBlock, Jump, GSR and Wintermute. The firm said it’s currently assessing the possibility of more mergers and acquisitions.

“Treehouse is excited to make this move into NFT analytics,” Brandon Goh, chief executive officer of Treehouse, said in the statement. “Despite the bear market, Treehouse is expanding and is actively looking to acquire synergetic businesses.”

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