In recent days, a number of major milestones were achieved by Render Network (RNDR), one of the largest AI cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Its team organized migration to the Solana (SOL) blockchain, announced an incentives program for node maintainers and initiated voting on new clients activation.

AI crypto Render Network (RNDR) launches massive incentives program

Render Network (RNDR), a $864 million AI cryptocurrency, is starting a large-scale incentive program for node maintainers. With the new program, operators or nodes of various compute clients can apply for the waitlist and be eligible for RNDR payouts.

It’s been a massive week for @rendernetwork (RN) at @SolanaConf with tons of updates and news!

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— The Render Network (@rendernetwork) November 3, 2023

Technically, users of GPUs are invited to run the Render Network (RNDR) software, synchronize their nodes and start sharing computational capacity for AI and ML research and experiments.

Ryan Shea, advisor to the Render Foundation, is sure that such a generous motivation program will bring a new generation of AI and crypto enthusiasts to the Render Network (RNDR) community:

We’re thrilled to welcome new node operators to the network from external Compute Clients. We hope to see thousands of nodes join the network to power AI, LLM, and other GPU intensive compute needs

In total, the team of Render Network (RNDR) is going to allocate 1.14 million RNDR tokens or $2.67 million in current prices. Out of this sum, 300,000 RNDR will be distributed next year.

As covered by U.Today previously, Render Network (RNDR) made headlines with its migration from Ethereum (ETH) to Solana (SOL). This groundbreaking announcement indicated a major paradigm shift for the project’s progress.

AI crypto tokens segment in green, outperforms market

Also, Render Network (RNDR) announced that new compute clients might be added to its stack of supported blockchains. Namely, as per RNP-005, RNDR holders can vote for Beam network addition until Nov. 8, 2023.

In general, the AI cryptos segment meets the weekend with moderate optimism. In the last 24 hours, the net market capitalization of AI tokens surged by 2.7%, as per CoinGecko’s estimation. The segment outperforms the market: In total, the crypto sphere is 2% up.

Out of mid-cap AI altcoins, Image Generation AI (IMGNAI) and PAAL AI (PAAL) are the best performers with 21% and 19% growth.

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