The crypto prices today regained their positive momentum, as seen by the advancement in the overall sector. Meanwhile, after a significant rally over the past weeks, the market moved towards the south on Friday, November 3, before bouncing back on Saturday, November 4.

The recent gains in the market indicate that the investors are again putting their bets on the risker assets while regaining confidence in the segment. Notably, the recent positive catalysts like speculations over Bitcoin Spot ETF approval and, the Fed pausing their rate hike plans, among others, have bolstered traders’ sentiment.

Crypto Market Prices : An Overview

Besides, on Friday, November 3, the US labor market released its October job data, which indicated a noticeable slowdown. This news was lauded by Wall Street, as it suggests that the Federal Reserve might take a less aggressive approach to its monetary tightening policy.

In October, the U.S. labor market showed signs of deceleration, with nonfarm payrolls increasing by a modest 150,000, a significant contrast to the robust growth observed earlier in the year. The latest report from the Department of Labor indicated a decline compared to the revised figure of 297,000 in September. Additionally, the unemployment rate experienced a slight increase, moving from 3.8% to 3.9%.

Meanwhile, in crypto prices, the largest crypto by market cap, Bitcoin price soared 1.92% to $34,711.01, with its volume falling 20.66% to $15.71 billion. Its market cap rose 0.14% to $677.94 billion as of writing on Saturday.

In addition, the Ethereum price noted gains of 1.95% to trade at $1,833.98, with its volume over the past 24 hours decreasing 18.11% to $7.12 billion. The market cap of the crypto rose 1.94% to $220.39 billion.

Meanwhile, among other cryptos, the Solana price advanced 6.86% to $41.45 during writing, and its market cap rose 7.14% to $17.40 billion at the same time. Its volume was down 35.67% to $1.69 billion. On the other hand, the Chainlink price surged 5.28% to $11.35 during drafting, and its volume over the past 24 hours fell 3.59% to $525.62 million.

In the realm of meme coins, the Dogecoin price ticked up 1.95% to $0.06857, while the Shiba Inu price rose 1.35% to $0.000007857 during writing. The trading volume of the former crypto lost 48.73% to $251.97 million from yesterday, while the latter’s volume plummeted 34.95% to $100.45 million.

The upward momentum in most of the major crypto prices has also fuelled gains in the broader market today. The crypto market’s overall market cap rose 0.97% to $1.29 trillion, and its volume fell 19.88% to $38.76 billion. Notably, the market’s sentiment was in the “greed” territory, with the fear and greed index reading standing at 72.

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The Top 4 Crypto Prices For Today Are

Pepe Coin Ticks Up 2%

The Pepe Coin gained significant attention from the market participants on Saturday, as seen by the recent jump in its price. The Pepe coin price, which was down yesterday, rose 2.38% to trade at $0.000001087 during writing on November 4, and its trading volume fell 38.50% to $85.89 million. Over the past 30 days, the meme coin price rallied over 50%.

Pepe Coin Chart

THORChain (RUNE) Advances 16%

The THORChain crypto has been on the investors’ radar, suggested by the gains in its price over the weekend. The THORChain price surged 15.61% to $3.38 as of writing on Saturday, making it one of the top percentage gainers in the market, with its volume skyrocketing 102.76% to $282.89 million.

THORChain (RUNE) Chart

Neo (NEO) Soars 15%

The Neo crypto was another top percentage gainer on Saturday’s session, gaining almost the same percentage as THORChain crypto. The Neo price was up 15.60% to $10.63 during writing, with its volume over the last 24 hours rising 63.40% to $109.90 million. Its market cap was up 15.62% to $749.77 million.

Neo (NEO) Chart

Oasis Network (ROSE) Surges 14%

The Oasis Network price advanced 13.85% to trade at $0.06393 as of writing on November 4, with its volume rising 16.56% to $49.67 million. Meanwhile, the market cap of the crypto jumped 13.85% to $418.20 million as of writing. Over the past week, the crypto has added around 23% in its price.

Oasis Network (ROSE) Chart

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