According to the Shibariumscan explorer, the Shibarium blockchain released a few months ago is already approaching a new important record as its overall transaction count is about to surge to a higher level – 4,000,000.

Currently, this metric stands just 200,000 transactions away from the 4 million mark.

The number of daily transactions on this network constitutes 14,030. The number of connected wallet addresses has slowly grown to 1,259,958.

SHIB burn rate plunges hard

Shibburn tracking platform has shown that over the past 24 hours, another important metric for the Shiba Inu community has gone down compared to Friday, when it showed a staggering growth.

On Saturday, the SHIB army has managed to remove as little as 2,017,183 SHIB from the circulating supply, while the SHIB burn rate dropped by 98%. So far, there have been merely six burn transactions within 24 hours.

Here’s who burns 450 million SHIB within 2 days

On Friday, the burn rate of SHIB soared by a mind-blowing 1,359.82% with over 115 million SHIB meme coins transferred to unspendable wallets and locked there for good.

Nearly all of those millions of SHIB were set on fire in nearly one transfer – 100,000,000 SHIB.

A similar chunk was burned on Monday. The mysterious whale who sent that huge amount of SHIB to the furnace turned out to be the @theshibdream account. They had recently launched a SHIB Dream NFT collection and from the profits they have transferred not only 100,000,000 SHIB to a dead wallet on Friday but in total they sent 350,000,000 SHIB to unspendable wallets within two days.

The 100,000,000 SHIB were sent to a dead wallet from the same wallet – 0x75d9df1efe6d860218afcf5c688f3dad61638d83.

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